Be ready for the spring season

Spring is around the corner and with it come the first rays of the sun. Enjoy the warm temperatures and give in to the urge to head outside and onto your bike. To make sure your beloved bike starts the new season just as fresh as you do, we have summarized a few tips helping you to a perfect first trip.

Tires: Even if your bike is not moved, the tires slowly lose pressure. If the tire is completely flat, a wrinkle fold forms and the carcass gets cracks. This also applies to expensive tires with puncture protection! It is therefore advisable to check tire pressure occasionally when not in use. Ideally, hang the wheel on the wall. By the way: On trekking and city bikes you drive with 4-4,5 bar, with mountain bikes with a maximum of 2,5Bar.

Chain: The chain is an often neglected component on the bike. A lack of care results not only in a nervously squealing bike , but the shift accuracy decreases increases enormously and your bike wears out a lot quicker. To counteract this, one should treat the chain once a week with a special chain oil. Cleaning is recommended once a month. You do not want black fingers? We will gladly take over the cleaning for you! Tip: Before the season, please check your chain! If you change them in time, you can minimize the wear of pinions and chainrings and save yourself the expensive complete change.

Brakes: The brake is a safety-relevant component! Before you get back into the pedals, you should see if the brake pads are worn out or hardened. The break cables can rust, especially when the wheel is outdoors or in places with high temperature fluctuations. If the required manual power increases, the brake pads can no longer return to their starting position and can grind and, worst case, the break cables can tear.

The bicycle consists of many moving parts, all of which provide for comfort and safety. We recommend that you carry out an inspection once a year so that functionality is still ensured and you can always be on the road safely. Replacing worn out parts and regular lubrication and greasing of the moving parts will help your bike, your nerves and your purse by avoiding expensive consequences. Enjoy the fun of cycling and get the value of your bike.

We are happy to help!

Your team of “der Radler”

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