Overview of our offers

Recycling – we utilize your bike!

You do not know what to do with your discarded bike? We still have use for it! Functional bikes will get the chance to be back on the streets. We recycle all usable parts and dispose of the rest responsibly.

Care- immediately and free of charge

We will check and correct your tyre pressure, oil the chain if necessary and give you an assessment of the need for repair of your bike.

Rental – uncomplicated and cheap

Whether you are planning on a short shopping trip in the city or an extensive tour, you will find the perfect bike and equipment at „der Radler“. You can choose between sporty and comfortable models and for those who consider Wiesbaden to be too big of a challenge for cycling, we even provide E-bikes, allowing you to master any climb with ease.
In order to rent a bike, please bring your ID

Inspection and/ or repair service- and your bike runs smoothly again.

Lubrication, settings, repairs: we take care of chains, gears, brakes and lights and will have your bike back on the streets in no time. Our goal is that you can ride safely.

Bicycle coding- as unique as your own fingerprint

An employee of ADFC will professionally engrave your personal code into the frame of your bike. Hence, your bike can be identified by the authorities, making it harder for thieves. Please bring a valid ID and the receipt of your bike. When: every first Saturday of the month (May – September) 10am – 1pm
Reservation: 06131.331186.

Bicycle repair courses in cooperation with the environmental agency in Wiesbaden

Would you like to get to know your bike better and be able to carry out a repair yourself? At regular intervals, we offer repair courses for beginners and advanced users in cooperation with the environmental agency in Wiesbaden. Just talk to us!

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