The latest cycling trends

E-bike, pedelec, commuter or urban bike. The cycling scene is developing at an enormous pace. New inspiring and polarizing trend arise frequently.

We put together a collection of links, where you can keep up to date with the world of pedals:

  • Pedelecs and e-bikes. What is the difference? In times of alternative energies, the electrically driven (e-bikes) and electrically pedal-assisted wheels (pedelecs) experience an enormous boom! Constantly new drivetrain manufacturers make sure you can manage any climb, reaching travel distances and endurance of more 200 kilometers. You will find all the information you need, which drive is right for you, what you have to invest, and which wheels you prefer to keep your fingers from, here:
  • Cross-country, downhill, enduro, dirt, slopestyle, all-mountain, trail … hardly a sector of bicycle sport is as varied as that of mountain bikes. Here, the combination of sport and nature is lived, adrenaline and eruptive excitements are celebrated and new standards are established. Wheel sizes, axle widths, 1-2-3-speed drives and ever-new suspension kits. Anyone who wants to get involved here needs to be informed daily.
    The following links might help:
  • Relaxed or sporty, in one day, or in several stages to the destination. Trekking bikes are loyal companions on every bike route. With highly efficient drives and exciting concepts from Rohloff, Shimano, NuVinci, Pinion and Co., they are suitable for everyone! Commuter bikes in futuristic looks, bikes and classic city bikes are driving in the city:
  • Fast, faster, road bike. No other bike converts the power you put onto the pedal into pace as consistently as a road bike does. But here, too, the wheels differ greatly according to their intended purpose. Timers, bicycles, marathon bikes, triathlon bikes and gravel bikes are only a part of the variety. If you want to read more about the lightest wheels on the market and the exciting innovations, you may click here:
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